Thursday, July 29, 2010

I believe in unicorns - John Ramsey -

I believe in unicorns - John Ramsey -

Living In: Alice in Wonderland Part 1

Alice is defiantly an interesting character and is a story that has survived many decades and still is a favorite for young and old. Recently, this year Tim Burton made an Alice in Wonderland which was a continuation from the first Alice in Wonderland that Disney did in two-dimensional animation many many years ago. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was live action. And I realized just this week for someone who enjoys the films I don't have the old 2D version nor the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland that came out this year. Thus this might ended up going on my Christmas wish for this year! I'd figured considering that many people love Alice in Wonderland they would be some interesting inspired stuff sold on etsy. Some of the things that were found were appeal, jewelry or for your house and here below here are some of the things I found:









I didn't go over broad with repetitive creations of Alice and I was going for things that weren't crazy crafty or weren't majorly a fad. All this items you can purchase on etsy and furthermore if you get tired of them once in awhile they are easy to store and come back to!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Seether - Careless Whisper

Enjoying this remake from seether alot. Also enjoy the smokey sound of his voice!!!

Crafty Robots

I really enjoy doing crafty things when i have some free time. I like to think of myself as somewhat creative and I just enjoy creating things for myself and others because  i like the fact that you put so much more effort into it then if you were to just purchase a gift. I find people remember when you make something for them verses when you purchase it. Or for example when you buy a card do you leave a note or message inside or just leave it with it catchy phases or message already imprinted and then put to/from and that's it. Anyways it was my boyfriend's birthday a couple of weeks ago and i decide i would wrap his present in a way that he would never forget. I also made a little letter for him to -it's so cute. Love making tiny cards!!

Hair, Hair and more Hair

Well lately I've been thinking about cutting my hair yet have been having difficulty deciding when to do it and what cut to get. For majority of my high school years I've always had relatively short to medium hair lengths yet during my last year i decide to grow out my hair hoping to get it long enough to cut off and give away to be made into a wig for a cancer patient.And like this is where I'm stumped like how long is a decent length to make a wig. I have no clue so should i just get trimmed and let it grow more or can i go back to short hair cuts? This is a picture of me and my hair this is from a couple of months ago add about 3 more inches and you have my hair length. These are just some of the styles I've been thinking about.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Green List -Ways to Be Ecofriendly- Part 1

Well the previous post was ways we could help our community stay green and preserve our environment. I figured it would be also good to include ways we can live green in our homes with our daily activities to the things we purchase. I hope you enjoy the many ways to be green!!
To be green is a simple concept reduce, reuse and recycle. This seems like common sense I know but how to apply to our lives in various ways may be abit more tricky. So I'm going to break it down with some ideas!
1. Buy local- anything from produce to furniture. This is one way to reduce gas omission.

2. Have your own garden. It can have herbs, vegetables, fruits and other various plants. This is another way to be more local and increase oxygen production.

3. Reduce the times and the amount of water that you use on yards and water in the morning or later evening when it cooler and more can be absorb in the ground verses the atmosphere.

4. Plan your meals ahead of time hence when you going shopping for food you don't buy excess amounts of food and also don't going shopping when your hungry it makes you more vulnerable to impulse shopping!

5. Make sure to turn all lights off when going out , use timer for outside lights and limit your use of lights during the day time and use eco friendly lights!!Hence reducing electricity.

6. Carpool,take the bus or public transit, walk, or ride your bike  to places you need to go. This may seem like a difficult one to do especially depending if your live in the suburbs or country in which things are more spread out but this is the perfect time for trying the walking or bike riding and getting some exercise. Plus in looking at it theres many positive outcomes like exercise, being more locally based in your traveling, more social and doing a good thing for the environment and saving some money on gas.

7. Don't speed it just uses up gas and money!Also check air pressure in your tires the flatter they are the further they move equaling more gas being used.
8. Re-wear clothes, reduce about of clothes for laundry, use cold water for washing , don't do tons of small loads, allow your clothes to me wind dried or use dryer in off hours when electricity use isn't so high.

9. Air conditioning and heating - monitor and keep constant don't change it constantly. Also don't make your house freezing in the summer and bursting hot in the winter- be realistic and save money!!

10. Don't wash your hair every day - firstly because it doing more damage to your hair it drys it out plus my doing this your reducing your shampoo use and conditioner use and having more for longer= $saving money.

11. Don't shower multiple times a day and if possible shower ever 2-3 days depending on hygiene level and temperatures outside. This may be tricky for people who exercise or do sports in the middle of the day but an easy fix is to exercise in the morning or either evening when you don't plan on going out anywhere or have to shower normally during that time anyways.

12. Go bare- don't use make-up or blow dryer  or straighter or limit the amount in which you use these items. I personally don't wear any make-up for daily events and i don't blow dry my hair ever. Try having bare days and when purchasing make-up think about the amount you already have at home and may not use and try to use up all make-up before buying new make-up hence limiting waste of materials.  This way your saving space in your make-up bag, saving money , reducing electricity and being more natural and not using water to clean off the make-up. Also pony tails, clips, braiding styles are great ways to help with the wind dry hair and still look presentable.

13. Unplug-  reduce phantom power because even though your electronics (television, computer, chargers, radios, stereos and anything else you plus in)are off if there still plugged-in they are using electricity to keep at a constant. This may be tricky if you have many wires that plug in to outlets esp for computers with fax machine, printers and scanners the easier way to resolve this is to use a power bar with a switch to turn off and on electricity flow to these devices. Also when getting devices get multifunctional ones like a printer scanner built-in one it saves space!

14. Limit your time on facebook- this is saving electricity and your wasting less of your life on a gossip site and you may actually go out and see your friends more too!

15. For the gamers- limit the amount of time per day on games. This is more for my brother who spends literally all day sometimes on games which uses tons of electricity, heats up areas, make one lazy and less social.
These are some of many ideas in how to be green! Tell ways you reduce and what you think of the post!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Love The Earth!

I'm really into sciences I enjoy chemistry, physics and biology. Yet something that I find truly interesting and important is ecology- the study of our ecosystem and ways to preserve and make a better planet. And i believe their no such thing as the perfect ecofriendly citizen yet on that remark i believe there always was to improve and help in the small ways and in big ways too. Today I decided to look up on the WWF and see what is new and happening on the front to help wildlife and their habitats . And it's interesting to look at each country's site for WWF that include petitions dealing with oil spills to power usage. This is just one of many ways to get involved and if you feel you have the same opinions it a great way to help preserve what you believe needs to be conserved. On the Canadian site includes a oil spill petition in the prevention and preservation of the Arctic life in which alot of drilling is occurring.

Also the site includes a power pledge and other interesting articles and an area to donate. I joined the power pledge in which you select one of the many ways to preserve energy as your goals and intern you can earn 20 air miles points and donate 10 to the charity of your choice. This is a great way to get started on the journey of a greener life style and a great motivator to continue on because firstly you get reward yet you able to donate to an charity and then in all this your being apart of something bigger purpose and becoming more apart of the green community. Also under the conversation button has great information about projects and areas they plan on preserving. What for me was especially interesting was the Mackenzie Valley section it gave me a chance to learn about a place i didn't know existed in Canada and it major important to our country ecosystem. Also in the Take Action section they have many ways for youth and adults to get involved something that caught my eye was the shore cleanup at that takes place in the month of September. This is something that i might be interested in taking apart of if I'm not to busy with school!
This site is truly a wealth of knowledge and has great ways in which we can reduce in our homes and also become apart of the community.Also if you have friends or children who like stuffed animals instead of going to Toys'R'Us get one at WWF for a birthday, Christmas present and in this way you treat more than one person.
These are also some links that I enjoyed looking into on the WWF United States site :
2. Climate Change - What you can do
4. Energy Star Website
Number 5 I'm so going to try it out soon and hopefully continue it because it such a cool creative idea!
6. Save the which includes general info on the animal, why its endanger and has a donation area and an petition for saving the tigers!
It would be interesting if Disney got involved in Save the considering many of there productions have tiger characters like Aladdin and Winnie the Pooh Series which they make tons of profits from merchandise. OK well that the end of my post I hope you found it interesting and informative and helpful.

In My Dreams!

So my all time favorite colour is green! And this is just an amazing example of the right type of green clothing that looks amazing not tacky and has a cut that modern but still classic in which it truly an investment piece. If I won a million dollars.... I would buy this dress yet as it stands this dress will remain in my dreams and not me in my reality. Oh well, maybe someday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My So Called Normal Life

Hello, everybody. I keep avoiding making personal posts for one reason or another. I guess it more the fact of where do you start from and other fact that is most of my day-to-day happening are not very eventful at the moment. But here it goes!!! Soon i'll be celebrating my 20th birthday ill be 1/5 of a century which is a pretty cool way of looking at it. Also i'll be celebrating my younger brothers birthday in which he turns 17. My brother and I are 3 years and 12 hours apart so since we were kids we always had to share our birthdays. Anyways i'm planning to have some of my best friends over on my brothers day and celebrate then. For that day I plan to make a similar marble fudge cake that i made last year for my birthdaythis year and instead of covering it up I want to make it the center focus and have beside it different icing and decorations in side bowls so each person can create there own ideal cake. I think it will be a fun and interesting little event on top of the games, having pizza and going to see a movie! And hope to get some quality time to hang out with my boyfriend Trevor on my birthday!!!
Also lately I've been thinking about cutting by hair because it super long like the image I have up on the blog is from a while back so at the moment i have a main like a horse. Maybe later in the week I might post a more recent image of me and some of the hair styles i've been thinking about. Well that what been on my mind for the last little while. Leave me some comments about what you think about the cake idea and maybe the types of icing or decorations I should maybe included.


Ok this movie is very amusing especially if your weird like me! This is some creative storywriting which I wish there was more of in Hollywood. Check it out you won't be disappointed!

Cursed trailer

Stylin Christina Ricci

I always find it weird looking back at some of my childhood films for example Casper and seeing the young Christina Ricci. I think the main reason that it is weird is because her young self is capture into film to be forever preserved and its seems hard to realize that she too grew up as well as me. It strange to think that Christina Ricci is 30 and all grown up- it's amazing how fast time goes by. Christina Ricci has been a favourite actress for me from the time of Casper to present films that she takes part in. Some of my favorite films of hers are Mermaids (1990), Casper (1995), Now and Then (1995), That Darn Cat (1997), The Ice Storm (1997- favorite movie!!!), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Prozac Nation (2001), Pumpkin (2002), Miranda (2002), Cursed (2005), and Penelope (2006) .
I enjoy the fact that she has both a light , fun side to films and a more twisted dark or interesting side in some of her other films later on in her career. Two films that i loved that she made in the 2000s was Pumpkin in 2002 which was so different and unique and had some very interesting values also the other film i loved from the 2000s was Cursed in 2005. There are several reason why i loved Cursed but here are just a few :
(1) Wes Craven is the director amazing for plots
(2) Joshua Jackson and Christina Ricci are in the film
(3) Jesse Eisenberg is in the film and this is before fame and being a virgin in every one of his films

Such a cute dog and love the sweater with jeans!

Love Sleepy Hallows for the dark feel of the movie , the outfits and design. Plus always loved the cartoon Disney plays around Halloween of the Sleepy Hollow legend.

Like the edge-y style of the hair and make-up with pretty gray dress!

So let me know if you have any actors/actresses that you grew up watching and still love to watch today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Looking at Blogs

These are Chocolate covered macaroons don't they look amazing to eat. I'm so going to try this recipe. I found this on one of my favorite blogs Cupcakes and Cashmere. She seems so amazing with fashion, cooking and beauty hence why i follow her. The link for the her page with the link for the recipe is here:

Love the outfit the colour combination is amazing. This was at Camp Comfort blogs.

I'm a frequent searcher to find a new and exciting post that catches my attention. The post can range from fashion, crafts, art, photography, music, films or anything Else that seems interesting to me . Oh and at the moment I'm really into the blog Delightfully Tacky, lovin her style and the way she frames and poses in photography.Here the link

Living In: Ninja Turtles PART 2

So I discovered to my dismay that there are barely any images from any of the Ninja Movies and it was impossible to find any scenes showing the scenery and places they used which I also loved from the movie. So I'll list some of the scenes I love based on pure background. From the first film loved the old vintage store that was dusty and filled it seem like it could be amazing if clean and not destroyed by the enemies. Argh! Then i loved the old barn house that was in ruins mainly due to the fact that i like older houses that are rustic. Looking at the second film I loved the old train station that the ninja turtles found under ground with all the stain glass. If you were ever going to renew a window in your house and put stain glass i would recommend looking at Ninja Turtles 2 it so beautiful!
Yet if you just want to live like a Ninja Turtle for a day get a Ninja Turtle t-shirt on, some green costume paint , gather some friends, get blue, yellow, red or black cloths, cut out some eye holes and order some pizza.
House is an actually house that was used in Ninja Turtles III!
Someone decided to dress up as Micheal Angelo! So awesome something to think about when Halloween comes along!

So was kinda disappointed that he was only in the first film because he was so cool.So that the end of the post if anyone knows where images of the stain glass train station from Ninja Turtles 2 is let me know. And let me know what you think about the post.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Living In: Ninja Turtles PART 1

For the past two weeks i've been watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on television. I ended up watching the first and the second movie. I love these movies so much firstly because it based on an awesome comic and secondly the films were my childhood. From the fourth images and on ward are things i found on esty when putting ninja turtles into the search engine. Also on of the blogs I check out occasional She is Sara has an image of the blogger wearing this amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt there the link the image is further down the page. Ok well, that's part one of my ninja turtles post. Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stylin Miss Ellen Page

Some day I will go back to my beloved Juno but for the moment I want to take a look at the progress in Ellen Page outfits and how she came such a long way from the hipster wear in Juno to chic successful actor in the past year or so to the most recent outfits promoting Inception in which she star in.

This is a recent video of her promoting her latest film. I absolutely love this outfit sleek, simple and still cool and hipster just a little more understated.

Craig Ferguson 7/16/10E Late Late show Ellen Page PT1

JUNO Trailer

So I was thinking to myself about how some things you love when you first watch them but as they become overblown and over quoted and over shown on media outlets you start to hate the film you once enjoyed. Juno was one of those films yet like all those films i have a pattern in which once they get overblown I stay away from them so there not ruined for me. And then on a rainy day many years later I come back to those films when all the media has moved on and the film can stand on its own to be judged. Now I have not come to this day yet with Juno yet I think sometime soon I will regain my appreciation and love for this movie.

Dan Telfer- Guitar Hero

So into his comedy!!!

Dan Telfer: "The Best Dinosaur" 5-4-10 at Chicago Underground Comedy

Just something to make ya all laugh. Love, love dinosaurs!!!

Crash Kings - Mountain Man (HQ)

So yes another song- I love the beat and has a very nice flow.

Oh My That's so Lovely!

These are just some lovely prieces i found while searching The first two images is from Eskell collection and the remaining images are from See by Chloe. All these pieces seem perfect to transition from summer to winter. futhermore, theses pieces are not to trendy thus you can continue wearing for many more seasons. All these prieces are good investments pieces. My favorite is the sweater from See by Chloe. The sweater is classic, practical and giving off a nice homey feeling.

I hope you enjoyed the pieces that are on my dreams wish list. And let me know what you think about these pieces. Thanks for reading my post and stay connected for more!!!