Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looking at Blogs

I enjoy reading various types of blogs and try to find new ones for me each week. These are some of the blog finds i discovered in the last little while.

1.Say Yes to Hoboken

I enjoy reading this blog because it is personal but not overload personal. This blog can include anything from fashion, home design, crafts, food and just some really great ideas or images. Plus I love the design of her blog in which it is clean with the crisp white background, not overloaded with sponsors and well organized with makes it even more appeasing to the eye!

2. Wish Wish Wish

I enjoy this blog for her fashion sense, great hairstyle, plus the images are beautifully done and she adds videos with her images which is something that new is and creative and again beautifully done. Also she is very personal in her blog but it not overload. I also love her cat!!!

3. She is Sara

I really enjoy this blog as of lately because she always have amazing stories and is personal which makes it seems like she one of your close friends. Plus she has this amazing unique style which I enjoy very much. Also the fact that she always have interesting topic post whether it be music , hair styles or just the many other interests she has.

1 comment:

  1. You are so sweet! Thanks for posting this :) You really just made my day, you have no idea! <3 X3!!!

    I am looking forward to checking out these other blogs too :D