Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nail Polish Wish List

I really love nail polish. I'm not really into make-up yet nail polish is the one girly thing I love because it is colourful and not tacky. If you put too much colour on your face you can end up looking like a clown yet nail polish does not have this problem. So there is some of my favorite colours that I would love to have!

Rosie Lee

Knees Up

British Racing Green

Fresh Frog Of Bel Air

Dinosaur of the Month- December Macroplata

The Macroplata name means "giant plate". This dinosaur has two major species groups which are M. tenuiceps and M. longirostris.What is unique about this organism is the fact that it a marine reptile from the jurassic period. General trails include having a short neck ,an elongated head , long and powerful jaws carried many sharp, conical teeth which aid in a carnivore diet. Pliosaurs range from 4 to 15 meters in length. Their prey may have included fish, ichthyosaurs and other plesiosaurs.

Also other unique traits of this dinosaur is its shoulder bones which are fairly large which in turn aid in providing a powerful forward stroke for fast swimming. Evidence of a progresive change towars limbs that are paddle like are found in the archaeological record.The hind limbs showed more dervied traits indicating a possible difference in the use of the limbs.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fun Night Out

Fun Night Out

Halter cocktail dress
$64 -

Oasis pleated dress
$51 -

Vintage looking dress
£38 -

Gold pumps
$50 -

Promiscuous shoes
$40 -

Heaven Sent clutch hand bag
£25 -

Metallic bag
$20 -

Dorothy Perkins flap handbag
$17 -

H M clutch bag
£13 -

Juicy couture jewelry
$48 -

Vince Camuto sparkle jewelry
$48 -

Crystal jewelry
£28 -

Miss Selfridge leaf jewelry
£4.25 -

H M metal necklace
£6.99 -

Wet Seal sequin stretch belt
$8.50 -

Cheap and Cheerful

Cheap and Cheerful

Batwing cardigan
$40 -

Dorothy Perkins long sleeve shirt
$39 -

Naf Naf viscose shirt
€30 -

Vero Moda brown cardigan
£20 -

Vintage t shirt
£15 -

Uniqlo skinny jeans
£35 -

Black lace shoes
$377 -

Madewell flat shoes
$40 -

H&M flat shoes
£7.99 -

Jane Norman slip clutch
€17 -

$32 -

30 AUD -

Rockport canvas tote bag
$27 -

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Replay Trakcs of the Month-November

So here aremy top 10 tracks this month that i have been listening to non-stop. Hope you enjoy the list!

1."Psycho Killer" -Talking Heads

2."What You Want" Evanescence

3. "White Lies" -E.S.T

4. "Witchcraft" -Pendulum

5. "Love Hate Heartbreak" -Halestorm

6."Marry You" Bruno Mars

7. "Crash"- Fit for Rivarly

8."Baby Don't Dance"- Mother Mother

9. "Get Through This" - Art of Dying

10. "Whirring" The Joy Formidable