Monday, January 17, 2011

George Bush & Will Ferrel On Global Warming

Robert Redford on Saving the Arctic Refuge

Arctic Report Card 2010

Amazing Source of Information.

Banned Documentary about Global Warming Part 2

I'm not particular sure why this was banned it seems very harmless and very amusing to say the least. Only reason I can think why they were to ban it was because it might convince people to protect the artic environment because seals are awesome. Anyways I hope you enjoy because I laughed alot watching it.

Arctic Meltdown: The Arctic Passage

The Artic Environment

The Artic Tundra

Characteristics of tundra include:
  • Extremely cold climate
  • Low biotic diversity
  • Simple vegetation structure
  • Limitation of drainage
  • Short season of growth and reproduction
  • Energy and nutrients in the form of dead organic material
  • Large population oscillations

The tundra is separated into two groupings:
(1) Artic tundra (polar desert)
(2) Alpine tundra

Arctic tundra

- located in the northern hemishere
- growing season from 50 to 60 days
- average winter temperature is -34° C (-30° F), but the average summer temperature is 3-12° C (37-54°F)
- the top layer subsoil called permafrost which includes gravel
- no deep rooted plants
- 1,700 kinds of plants in the arctic and subarctic
examples: low shrubs, sedges, reindeer mosses, liverworts, grasses , 400 varieties of flowers ,crustose and foliose lichen

Animal Life

Herbivorous mammals: lemmings, voles, caribou, arctic hares and squirrels , musk ox

Carnivorous mammals: arctic foxes, wolves, and polar bears
Migratory birds: ravens, snow buntings, falcons, loons, sandpipers, terns, snow birds(ie snowy owl), and various species of gulls
Insects: mosquitoes, flies, moths, grasshoppers, blackflies and arctic bumble bees
Fish: cod, flatfish, salmon, and trout

Alpine tundra

- located on mountains throughout the world at high altitude where trees cannot grow
- growing season 180 days
- tussock grasses, dwarf trees, small-leafed shrubs, and heaths


pikas, marmots, mountain goats, sheep, elk
Birds: grouselike birds
Insects: springtails, beetles, grasshoppers, butterflies

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Check out this great MSN video: Early dinosaur species believed found

Check out this great MSN video: Early dinosaur species believed found

The Six Items of Clothing Challenge

So today I was looking at the very resourceful site called Smart Cookies which gives interesting articles and advice about finances from reducing debt, spending habits, and saving money for vacations, large investments items and retirement. Considering that Christmas season is over and a new year has began I feel its always a good idea to make financial plans and goals and I'm probably not the only one. I've learn that the best way to handle and organize your finances is planning ahead and having goals. For me this year it is to save money to reduce my education debt and save for future years of schooling while at the same time still buying occasionally something that I want. Sometimes I feel that when your working to reduce the debt or save for future it doesn't feel like you getting anywhere hence I will reward my self my having the side goal of saving for a piece of clothing , a cool gadget ,etc to act as a physical reminder that i have reach a goal and acts as an reflection of how well I'm balancing my saving for both debt and savings.

So as I read the article "The Six Items of Clothing Challenge" I thought about the things I need for my closet and how many items I want and when to consider purchasing them. Hence I created my own lists consisting of 10 items that I want for the whole years and while buy gradually at some point in the year.

The 10 Items of Clothing For 2011

1. Dark-Blue Flare Jeans

2. Black or Blue Jeans (Flare or Skinny)

3. Ankle Lace-Up Booties

4. Leather Roots Bag or Fossil Bag

5. Dinosaur T-shirt

6. Owl and Fox Rings

7. Leather Coat with winter lining that can be removed

8. Black Dress Pants

(in black) 

10.Aviator Sunglasses

When I made my list I consider the long term value of these items and consider how much I would wear them and insured that they weren't trendy items that would get old fast and things that i would truly enjoy!The list have many different styles of colours because I still not 100% sure which style I like best.