Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tapped Trailer

This is such a great documentary it great how they are letting the public know that the plastic bottles are dangerous to our health. I've known about a large amount of this information for about 4 or 5 years now but whenever I talk about it to people at work or at school it something new to them. So i guess the point of this post it to get the word out and hopefully more people are aware of they consumer power.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moods Food from Steven and Chris

1. WHICH FOOD CAN HELP BUST THE BLOAT? Fennel or Cayenne Pepper?


Fennel is a natural diuretic, which helps to eliminate excess water retention and sodium from your body, helping to feel less bloated. It's also a carminative which helps eliminate and prevent gas and bloating associated with gas. Eat fennel on its own, chew on a few fennel seeds or make a tea using the seeds to help eliminate the excess weight as a result of water retention and to treat a bloated tummy.

2. WHICH FOOD CAN HELP WITH A LOW LIBIDO? Strawberries or Garlic?


Although garlic may seem like the antithesis of sexiness, it actually helps to get blood flowing in all the right places. Garlic contains allicin, which is the sulfur-based organic compound that increases blood flow to sex organs. It does this by increasing Nitric Oxide (NO), which is a chemical gas used by blood vessel walls to trigger the arteries and surrounding muscles to relax. The more Nitric Oxide, the wider the blood vessels become and the greater the increase in blood flow, causing a sexual response in both males and females. In addition, garlic also helps to prevent blood platelets from building up and forming artery-clogging blood clots, which helps with the whole blood-flow process.



Research shows that saffron works just as effectively as Prozac in treating mild to moderate depression - without the side effects! Studies show that 30mg of saffron extract per day was equal to 20mg of Prozac per day in terms of efficacy. Crocin and safranal, the two chemical compounds found in saffron, are reported to relieve depression by raising serotonin and other mood enhancing chemicals in the brain. Crocin, which is a carotenoid antioxidant gives saffron it's orangy colour, while safranal gives the spice it's distinctive aroma.

4. WHICH FOOD CAN HELP EASE THE STRESS? Lemon Balm Tea or Dandelion Tea?


Lemon Balm is a calming herb, very similar to mint belonging to the same family, but exhibits antibacterial, antiviral and mild sedative properties. Studies show that lemon balm's anti-anxiety properties work best synergistically as a sleep aid when combined with other sleep-inducing herbs, such valerian, chamomile or passionflower. Lemon balm also contains the chemical compound eugenol, which helps to calm muscle spasms and promote relaxation.

5. WHICH FOOD CAN HELP US SHAKE A COLD? Mushrooms or Oranges?

Mushrooms are rich in beta glucans, which are polysaccharides that have the ability to 'activate' the immune system and help prevent infections. Mushrooms are also one of the few plant-based foods that contain modest amounts of Vitamin D which helps boost immune system.


Shiitake contains a type of beta-gulcan polysaccharide called lentinan, which stimulates the production of white blood cells has reported anti-cancer benefits, and increases quality of life of cancer patients and reduces the rate of cancer re-occurrence.
These are also very heart healthy as they lower cholesterol and can prevent heart disease.


Have immune boosting and cancer fighting ability. Studies show that they can block tumor formation in mice.


Reishi mushrooms increase the production of interleukins, which are cytokines that regulate the immune response and inflammatory reactions.

They also contain strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Increases interferon production which block viruses from spreading.

White Button Mushroom

Researchers at Tufts University have concluded that white button mushrooms boost the immune system by increasing the production of proteins that fight disease-causing pathogens.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What is Organic?

In a changing world in which we are trying to improve how we live to ensure a better tomorrow, we have more options for many of the everyday products we purchase. One key option is the ability to purchase organic foods but what does this product mean for consumers.

What does it mean to be organic?

"Organic production is based on principles that support healthy practices. These principles aim to increase the quality and the durability of the environment through specific management and production methods. They also focus on ensuring the humane treatment of animals." from

Why do we want to go organic?
  • Ensure some environment protection in which it decreases the amount of soil degradation and erosion. This thus ensure future growth on crops on the land.Soil degradation can cause soil compaction, low organic matter, loss of soil structure, poor internal drainage, salinisation, and soil acidity problems making it difficult for farmers to produce crops.
  • Organic production allows farmers' to ensure biological diversity which can increase the fitness of surviving livestock/crops offsprings . Also increases the chances of survival of a crop if a disease hits.
  • Recycle materials and resources.
  • Ensure healthy livestock is produce in which hormones and antibodies are not used to promote growth but used when an animal absolutely needs it to promote health.
Organic Standards (Canada)
Link :

CAN/CGSB-32.310-2006 Amended October 2008 incorporating 1 Dec , 2009 amendment is a government document outlining how they will manage food projects through more natural means, what products will be produces organically (plant products, livestock, livestock product and livestock food for growth). Also is a good resource for term definition.

"As of July 1, 2009, you can start looking for the Canada Organic Logo and be assured the product is certified the Canadian Organic Standards (COS), even on imported products. The use of the official Canada Organic Logo is voluntary, so it will not appear on all certified organic products." from

If an item is label with another label or claim to be organic you as a consumer have the ability to complain to the CFIA in which they will do an investigation.

  • Identify the producer or establishment targeted by your complaint (Name, address, contact information);
  • Gather all relevant, supporting documentation, including:
  • Description of the problem;
  • Brand name of product;
  • Size, universal product code (UPC code – 12 digits), and best before date;
  • Date of purchase;
  • A daytime number where an inspector can reach you as well as your home address (for the purpose of identifying which CFIA regional office to refer your inquiry to);
  • Keep the remaining product in case a sample is needed for an investigation;
  • Call, mail, or send an E-Mail to your Regional Office of the CFIA
(info from

Interesting Links:
- Canadians Against Pesticides
- Organic Landscape Association for videos for gardening and lawn care
- Canadian Food Inspection Agency
-CBC Marketplace-Superbugs in the Supermarket

( Key to note these sites sources may not be reliable source of info thus always good to do more resource on a subject and make note where the info is coming from and if it has a author from some reliable form of publication)

Food Inc - Official Trailer [HD]

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Banjo Chords

Awesome Banjo's

I have this strange love for banjos for the past four years but i still dont own one of my own . Below me are some really awesome ones I have found online!

Some of the bajor brands that make banjos are: Gibson, Deering, Sullivan,Vega, Stelling,Bishline, Ome and Huber.
Strings: 4 to 6 (typically 4 or 5)
Woods: maple, mahogamy or walnut
Skin -located at the front center surface of instrustment  and comes from dried animal skin oringally. Today banjo makers  uses sythneticmaterial such as plastics.
Range on Banjos: $200.00 to 4000.00/5000.00

Super Expensive Banjos:

  • flamed maple neck and resonator.
  • hand rubbed semi-gloss finish.
  • "Granadillo wood tone ring" produces vintage tone and light weight.
  • "steamboat gothic" custom inlay.
Inexpensive Banjos :
Morgan Monroe

Savannah Price: $199.00
Info on Bonjo's found at

Dinosaur of the Month- Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Spinosaurus names means "spine lizard" and is 55 feet(16 meters) long and weighs 12 tons. This dinsosaur is known as being the largest predatory dinosaur. The Spinosurus lived during the Cretaceous period in Egypt.This dinosaur was first discover in 1912 by Ernst Stromer in which the orginal finding was believed to be a subadult yet had been distroyed in World War 2 and all that exist from that dig are detail drawing and descriptions.
Unique characteristics is the fact that this dinsoaur is a theropod in which it stood and walk on two legs maing them a bipedal dinosaur.

"Skull and jaw fragments seem to suggest that Spinosaurus had a long, low skull and a kinked snout. The spines of Spinosaurus were very flat and bladelike, as if someone had stuck the blade of a saber, blunted-point upward, atop each vertebra; and there were fewer of them. " from

This dinsoaur is believe to live on fish and have behaviour similar to bears and crocodiles when hunting there prey. Interesting fact is how the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus nosils are turned up similar to crocodiles which is prefect in marine environments like rivers. And these dinosaurs lack stereoscopic vision.