Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blog Lovin - For November/December

So lately I've not have tons of time for going and looking for new and interesting blogs hence October was lacking in my blog lovin section. So for this month i"ll include 6 of the blog I've recently found that I'm enjoying and why!

1.The Cherry Blossom Girl

The reason why I enjoyed this blog so much was due to the amount of creativity and effort put in to presenting her outfits and things she saw or enjoyed. The background and her layout are interesting  and clean looking even with a busy background. The photos are amazing and the outfits and how she puts herself together is amazing.

2. Mon Cheri

The reason why I'm enjoying this blog at the moment is that the blogger has great style and the things that influence her are interesting, very fashion savy, beautifully composed and a great read.

3. A Rowan Tree

The reasons why I'm enjoying this blog are due to its nice mix of fashion , house design and her own personalty showing through in the text and images. I love her inspirations for house design and i find that even though not even thing on the blog is my taste I can truly appreciate why this individual like what she likes.

4. Fashion in My Eyes

The reason why I enjoy this blog is that she has an amazing perspective on fashion and i love a lot of her fashion image picks with the mix of some interior design images that are very pretty. Plus amazing fashion finds and influences. Its a dreamworld in which i never want to leave.

5. C'etait Salement Romantique

The reason why i love this blog is the site is like a beautiful picture book or very feminine and beautiful items from clothing, tea cups, desserts, interior design and little items. Also this site if very interactive with her reads which is interesting in itself.

6. Sophie Makes Things

This blog is such an inspiration to me personally because someday i would love to learn and master how to alter and make clothes. At the moment I'm still working on mastering knitting and getting good at that. But i hope someday I start making stuff so that i can blog about them like Sophie.

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