Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Halloween no plans movie list

This list is for the readers who aren't trick or treating or going to any parties and having a good old halloween movie night at there house. There no real order to favorites just a list of generally what I've enjoyed.

1. The Shining

Classic horror film to get you in the mood of Halloween. Visual pleasing, storyline fanastic and great acting.

2. Cursed

(1)Written by Wes Craven
(2) Werewolves
(3) Joshua Jackson
(4) You'll be able to sleep tonight after watching this one.

3. Ginger Snap

(1) hilarious plot
(2) werewolves, sex and being a teenager
(3) do i need to say more

4. Night of the Living Dead

(1) Classic Zombie Movie
(2)They're coming to get you, Barbara! - great lines
(3) I love zombies not really a reason but i'm putting that one out there.

5. 28 days later

(1) Modern take of Zombie Movie
(2) More action filled

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (series)

What to watch
Season 1 - Angel
Season 1- Nightmares
Season 2-Halloween
Season 2-Killed by Death
Season 3- Band Candy
Season 3 -Gingerbread
Season 3- The Zeppo
Season 4- Fear, Itself

7. Ernest Scared Stupid

(1) Very Funny
(2) Child Friendly
(3) Lighten up the mode from tons of scary movies
(4) Will be able to sleep tonight

8. Charlie Brown Halloween Special/ It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

(1) Because it amazing !

9. Sleepy Hallow

(1) great story
(2) great dark imagery
(3) Tim Burton
(4) Johnny Depp
(5) Not overlly scary more so just interesting. Murder mystery concept.

10.Urban Legends

(1) Amusing  concepts
(2) Not overly scary.
(3) Decent plot

11. Halloween 1-20

(1) Classic
(2) Scary- you migh not sleep well
(3) Unusal plots and deaths
(4) Serial Killer

12. Friday the 13th

(1) Good Plot
(2) Classic
(3) Slowly Grips You
(4) Great Ending
(5) Serial Killer

13. Elm Street

(1) Great Concept
(2) Will not all sleep tonight
(3) Distrubing deaths
(4) Hilarious Lines /Scenes
(5) Serial Killer of your Dreams

14. Corpse Bride

(1) Great Story
(2) Awesome Animation
(3) Great Sound Track
(4) Tim Burton
(5)Very Amusing Characters

15. Nightmare Before Christmas

Reasons :
(1) Great Story
(2) Great Music
(3) Great Imagery
(4) Animation
(5) Tim Burton

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