Saturday, March 5, 2011

Awesome Banjo's

I have this strange love for banjos for the past four years but i still dont own one of my own . Below me are some really awesome ones I have found online!

Some of the bajor brands that make banjos are: Gibson, Deering, Sullivan,Vega, Stelling,Bishline, Ome and Huber.
Strings: 4 to 6 (typically 4 or 5)
Woods: maple, mahogamy or walnut
Skin -located at the front center surface of instrustment  and comes from dried animal skin oringally. Today banjo makers  uses sythneticmaterial such as plastics.
Range on Banjos: $200.00 to 4000.00/5000.00

Super Expensive Banjos:

  • flamed maple neck and resonator.
  • hand rubbed semi-gloss finish.
  • "Granadillo wood tone ring" produces vintage tone and light weight.
  • "steamboat gothic" custom inlay.
Inexpensive Banjos :
Morgan Monroe

Savannah Price: $199.00
Info on Bonjo's found at

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