Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dinosaur of the Month- Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Spinosaurus names means "spine lizard" and is 55 feet(16 meters) long and weighs 12 tons. This dinsosaur is known as being the largest predatory dinosaur. The Spinosurus lived during the Cretaceous period in Egypt.This dinosaur was first discover in 1912 by Ernst Stromer in which the orginal finding was believed to be a subadult yet had been distroyed in World War 2 and all that exist from that dig are detail drawing and descriptions.
Unique characteristics is the fact that this dinsoaur is a theropod in which it stood and walk on two legs maing them a bipedal dinosaur.

"Skull and jaw fragments seem to suggest that Spinosaurus had a long, low skull and a kinked snout. The spines of Spinosaurus were very flat and bladelike, as if someone had stuck the blade of a saber, blunted-point upward, atop each vertebra; and there were fewer of them. " from

This dinsoaur is believe to live on fish and have behaviour similar to bears and crocodiles when hunting there prey. Interesting fact is how the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus nosils are turned up similar to crocodiles which is prefect in marine environments like rivers. And these dinosaurs lack stereoscopic vision.

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  1. i love dinosaurs also, i still have a huge collection of jurassic park dinosaurs and the 4 big t-rex and the spinosaurus also lol