Friday, September 10, 2010

Blog Lovin- September

Theses are some of the blog I have been enjoying for the past little while. I really love looking at other peoples styles and perspectives and get a view into how individuals live and enjoy life.

1. BlueBird

I  really enjoy this blog so much because she seems truly a wonderful and interesting person. Plus she really interactive with her audience and posts such lovely images of her, her new baby , her kids and family and friends. Her blog is the virtual  family scrapbook and photo album all in one which is such an interesting new way to share your life and what you love. Also the fact that she combines her family aspects with her fashion career and posts about it gives the reader plenty more to read about and is very inspiring. This blog is truly for people who like personal blogs with a mix of fashion and home design that more vintage and old school. This blog is beautifully constructed with a simple white background, clean, clear and focus and beautifully framed images and very formal and welcoming text.


2.  Twig & Thistle

This blog is amazing for images for invitations , crafts and party decorating and home design and some fashion. It is very inspiring and has such beautiful designs. There's something for everyone at this blog and really gives a burst of creativity. This blog is one of those sites that I go to when I have an inch to craft or if I'm having one of those plain Jane days and really need a boost.

Link :

3. Dethrose Vintage

Love this blog! This blog is amazing fashion and style of vintage items. She truly has style and finds the most amazing items. I love vintage yet at times I think to myself I'll never be able to pull it off yet whenever I see this blog it gives be a boost to try the vintage look without going overboard. This is defiantly one of the best vintage blog fashion sites out there and I truly love her work and effort on this blog to give new pictures every couple of days or so.

Well those are the pick for this month I hope you enjoy this picks and find something to your interest. Also feel free to give me a comment on blogs you love or whatever is on your mind! Have a good weekend!!

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