Thursday, September 2, 2010

Great Style, Great Television

For the past year I've been lazy on the style factor and just wore whatever was comfy and clean. But lately i want to make more of an effort with style thus I've been trying to determine what i like and also transition my style  from my teen clothes to young adult in which I have abit of the past and then things that are classic and/or perfect within the work force and some things that are comfy yet still look stylist and fun. One of my style inspiration are the Gilmore girls. Firstly I really enjoy the show when it first aired in 2000 yet I have to admit I stopped watching it at the point when Rory was in her college years.I thing I realize just recently though is that in the later seasons Rory style really evolves and becomes very stylist. Anyways, the reason why I pick Gilmore Girls as an inspiration are:
1.  The show goes from causal to dressy whether it be school to Friday night dinners.
2. Lorelai still has quirky t-shirts for comfy days 
3. Lorelai  also has many work attire outfits that still show personality.
3. Simple and realistic hair styles that can be mimic.
4. Great coats and winter accessories.
5. Rory shows the transition from comfy boring teen clothes to professional classic with still some spunk.
I also enjoy the show for its designs with the set from the Gilmore girl house, the Inn, and the small community for all season and occasions.

So other shows that I'm planning on making tribute  other shows style such as: Bones, House,My So Called Life, Freaks and Geeks,  and Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the near future. Tell me what your TV style inspirations are!

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