Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ready, Set, Go....

I'm one of those people who enjoy working out yet i have the one problem  which is trying actually working out on a consistent pattern. Sometimes it due to lack of motivation, boredom of the workout,  or not having time or energy to do it . Some things that help me to get back on track are watching biggest loser, making a To do list everyday and including a time when I'm going to exercise and looking for new exercise material. For me I'm always looking for a new exercise or routine and i look online, videos and books and magazines. Here's a list of some of the top places i like to look for inspiration to get my butt off the couch:

1. Fitness Magazine --

Why: the site covers tons of materials from workouts targeting certain body parts to types of workouts from yoga to cardio and have quick and long version of workout. Plus you can easily share, print and see how to do the workout visual. Plus they have video workouts and a section in which it helps you to make your own personal workout out. Plus they have programs that will help you reach a goal in which they send you each week an email with some workouts and meal ideas to help you reach that goal. Plus they also have a section for recipes for healthy meals.
Here is a couple of pages i like from the website:

2. Shape--

Why:  This site is very similar to fitness magazine in which it covers workouts to health. Yet with there workout out they offer more verbal explanation with the visual imagery which for some moves it always helpful to have a written explanation of how to do it properly.  The beauty of this site is it not over packed with tons of workouts and workouts that are very similar to each other. Plus they cover workouts that celebrities do which can add some motivation for you to workout out.

3. Exercise TV

Why: This site has tons of workout videos to view for free or download for a low price and load onto an ipod and then connect to any TV or watch from your ipod. These are full workouts that helps you target and tone. Plus with videos you have someone coaching you through the exercise hence you don't feel alone even if your doing it alone.

4. iTunes -fitness and workout section
Why : iTunes online store gives you music, videos, podcast and apps to help with your fitness. Plus purchases this items are cheaper and take up less space then purchase the cds and dvds. Also the apps are useful, amusing and fun!

I hope you enjoy my post and found this information helpful to put into your routine.

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