Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back to School List

Fall is aproaching fast and soon school will start and it doesn't matter whether your in kindergraden, elementary school, high school or in university/college it seems we always need or want something for school . In the past few years I have been lessening the amount of things I purchase for school this year i want to make sure i have enough of everything i need because i doubt i'll have time to purchase these things later in the year.

Here this year list:

1. 8-10 packs of paper

2. Cheap Classic Ballpoint Bic Pens Pack

3. 4-6 two inch binders

4. Ruler

5. 1-2 inexpensive cardigans

  • 1 ) Gap $59.50
  • 2) Gap $14.99
  • 3) Gap $39.99-49.99
  • 4) Gap $49.50
  • 5)Banana Republic $98.00
  • 6)/7Banana Republic $ 79.50
The last two cardigans are hopefuls i doubt i'll be purchasing them out of my picks but i love them so much especially the gray because gray is perfect for any season,  plus Banana Republic clothing I find is better quality and last longer and it not overly flashly so it will be in style for years to come. Also cardigans are causal and comfty yet still looks professional so it works for at home, going to the mall, going to school (and not looking like your still in high school )and for work, and job interviews!Tell me what you think about my picks and what you might be purchasing in the back to school season. Hope all my readers have a good weekend!!!

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  1. I would definitely take that cardigan in the 4th photo!