Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Pledges

So last week i was writing about one ocean a documentary series i've been watching for the past couple of weeks. And I also wrote about there website and the pledges that they have. This post will list some of the pledges I plan on taking this year and hopefully carry on for years to come!

My Pledges :
  • Buy locally and purchase organic.
  • Celebrate World Oceans Day and Rivers to Ocean Week. (June 8-14)
  • Demand more marine protected areas
  • Dispose of garbage properly, on land or water.
  • Dispose of household hazardous wastes properly. (Dispose of household hazardous wastes at proper waste disposal sites rather than dumping them down the drain or in the garbage.)
  • Learn about the source of meat products.
  • Learn how to identify local ocean species.
  • Learn more about northern marine ecosystems.
  • Only buy vintage or fake coral jewellery.
  • Plant as many trees as possible.
  • Practice and promote recycling.
  • Reduce personal carbon emissions.
  • Watch an ocean documentary!

There are many more pledges to take and vary in difficulty and involvement level so everyone can find some way to help our environment. I hope to take some more pledges but at the moment i'm working on these and will hopefully take on some more later in the year. For more info about the pledges the website is: http://oneocean.cbc.ca/pledge/actions

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  1. You have wonderful pledges, and I look forward to your posts on how you are doing with them. This is a very inspirational post, and I hope more people will try this :)