Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Green List -Ways to Be Ecofriendly- Part 2

This is part two of the Green List. I love thinking and discovering new ways to be green some are very easy steps while others take more effort but always seem worth while in the end. How to be green is similar to my thought process of being healthy in which sometimes you  may fall off the wagon and not be green all the time yet the key thing is you always come back and try , try and try again. Well i hope my viewers enjoy this list , find it helpful and try to implant more of it in there lives!

1. Reuse zip lock bags whenever possible by cleaning it out every once in awhile.

2. Re-make old furniture. This way you are saving resources, being creative and saving money. With Furniture i find you can get great ideas from website, blogs and online stores in which they have things for hundreds of dollars in which you can find similar products in your home or garage sales and re- purpose them. Some sites I can recommend are Design Sponge-,  
Martha Stewart website,  Pottery Barn ,   and  Better Homes & Gardens

3. Go to your public library and borrow books, music, magazines, movies and video games. Also check out if your local library have online reads . This way your not purchasing tons of things you may only read once , or watch a couple times!!

4. Re-make your clothes and go closet shopping or do switches with your friends or give away to charity!! This on is a common one for females in which we have so  many pieces of clothing that we never worn, got bored of or just forgot about. Ways to reuse is to make wash clothes out of clothes , make quilts, re-Tailor and update to more present style.

5. Switch books with friends so you both aren't buying two of the same books hence saving money and paper.  And if you don't read the newspaper ever day and are not big on reading it don't purchase the daily newspapers you'll never read just go to your locale library and read then or just go online!!!

6. Reuse jars, boxes, cards, wrapping  for crafts, storage or moving out.

7. Borrow from friends! This is up to one's comfort level with there friends and what they are borrowing and how often you borrow. Borrowing can cause some strains in relationship due to asking to often, asking for things that person cherish or just not returning in a timely fashion. Yet if you are up front, take care of what your borrow  and return as soon as possible and share your things as well this could be a great way to save money and resources. This can range from books, Cd's, movies, clothes, make-up, cooking supplies, garden supplies, tools or anything else someone is willing to share.


Sources of what your can and can not recycle and how your may be able to reuse them too!

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