Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

As of lately I have been super busy with my new job and getting ready for going back to school hence the lacking of posts for the last little while. Not a whole lot has happen in the last week though. My boyfriend Trevor went to the ROM - Royal Ontario Museum which i was so jealous about because I was unable to go. I love going to Museum whenever possible they have such amazing displays and always have one new section of historic items to show off. Anyways moving on from my nerdy love of ROM , last Saturday I went with Trevor  to Buskerfest which was very amusing at points but we didn't stay long due to the rainy weather. It was alot of fun and also free!

As of lately I've been trying to save money which is difficult when pretty much everything cost money. But in the end it always worth trying to save money. Some of the things I do to reduce spending are:
  • go to the public library for books and movies and even video games
  • go to free festivals and events
  • go to the park , go for bike or just walk the dog for amusement
  • save up points at places where you shop regularly
  • ask for discounts and use coupons for things you normally purchase
  • watch your money and avoid using any cards always try to use cash that way you actually realize the reduction/loss of your money hence your less likely to spend on things you really don't need or want
  • save up your change in a jar  

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