Thursday, August 12, 2010

If I were to go on a trip....

This summer has been alot of fun yet i haven't gone on any trips for along while. Today I went on a day trip to St.Jacob's Market in Kitchener, Ontario which made me start thinking about taking a longer trip  for couple days with Trevor next spring! At this point it just an idea but I would love to go away for a couple days! Anyway, then i started thinking of what i would do and what i would pack for such a trip. Hence , the picture below would be my dream travel stuff!

1. Dark blue flare jeans

2. Two tanks tops on in this gray and one in black!

3. Dinosaur T-shirt

4. Band t-shirts

5. Dark Skinny jeans

6. A pair of one of the four dream boots above !

 7. A wrap shirt in black. I like the four way to wear it!

8. A cute skirt.

9. Either one of these Rachel Roy dress. I really love the first one yet i would try to convert it into a halter dress. Also these dresses are inexpensive and great for travel. The first is price at $99.00 and the second is $89.00.

Anyways I had such a fantastic day down at the St.Jacob Market in which alot of the Mennonite farmers bring fresh produce to sell along with other farmers. I love going to the market because the fudge is amazing and at an amazing price also the fresh vegetables and fruits are so yummy. Also it a great place to get meats, jams, maple syrup, fresh pies and baked goods. Plus the market also sells jewelry, crafts, and other materials. Also near by the St.Jacob market there a mall with a Lego land and a Cadbury chocolate store both of which are amazing!

If you would like to know more abut Mennonites history here a link

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