Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dinosaur of the Month - Stygimoloch

This is becoming one of my nerdy obsession at the moment. I find i really get into learning about obscure things and like to get in depth and learn more . This dinosaur presentsed in this post is called the Stygimoloch.

General facts :
Name Meaning - Stygimoloch means "demon from the river Styx"
Named By - Peter M. Galton and Hans-Dieter Sues
When Named - 1983

This dinosaur is a herbivore and has the legnth of 7-10 feet long (2-3 meters) and weighs 170 pounds. The height of the dinosaur is unknown.

" Stygimoloch was a thick-skulled plant-eating dinosaur (a pachycephalosaur) that walked on two legs. This unusual-looking dinosaur had bony spikes and bumps on its skull; the many horns ranged up to 4 inches (100 mm) long. Pachycephalosaurs probably engaged in head-butting both as a defense and as intra-species rivalry." From

Also there a detail outline of the anatomy of this dinosaur from this website

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