Thursday, July 22, 2010

My So Called Normal Life

Hello, everybody. I keep avoiding making personal posts for one reason or another. I guess it more the fact of where do you start from and other fact that is most of my day-to-day happening are not very eventful at the moment. But here it goes!!! Soon i'll be celebrating my 20th birthday ill be 1/5 of a century which is a pretty cool way of looking at it. Also i'll be celebrating my younger brothers birthday in which he turns 17. My brother and I are 3 years and 12 hours apart so since we were kids we always had to share our birthdays. Anyways i'm planning to have some of my best friends over on my brothers day and celebrate then. For that day I plan to make a similar marble fudge cake that i made last year for my birthdaythis year and instead of covering it up I want to make it the center focus and have beside it different icing and decorations in side bowls so each person can create there own ideal cake. I think it will be a fun and interesting little event on top of the games, having pizza and going to see a movie! And hope to get some quality time to hang out with my boyfriend Trevor on my birthday!!!
Also lately I've been thinking about cutting by hair because it super long like the image I have up on the blog is from a while back so at the moment i have a main like a horse. Maybe later in the week I might post a more recent image of me and some of the hair styles i've been thinking about. Well that what been on my mind for the last little while. Leave me some comments about what you think about the cake idea and maybe the types of icing or decorations I should maybe included.

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