Saturday, July 24, 2010

Love The Earth!

I'm really into sciences I enjoy chemistry, physics and biology. Yet something that I find truly interesting and important is ecology- the study of our ecosystem and ways to preserve and make a better planet. And i believe their no such thing as the perfect ecofriendly citizen yet on that remark i believe there always was to improve and help in the small ways and in big ways too. Today I decided to look up on the WWF and see what is new and happening on the front to help wildlife and their habitats . And it's interesting to look at each country's site for WWF that include petitions dealing with oil spills to power usage. This is just one of many ways to get involved and if you feel you have the same opinions it a great way to help preserve what you believe needs to be conserved. On the Canadian site includes a oil spill petition in the prevention and preservation of the Arctic life in which alot of drilling is occurring.

Also the site includes a power pledge and other interesting articles and an area to donate. I joined the power pledge in which you select one of the many ways to preserve energy as your goals and intern you can earn 20 air miles points and donate 10 to the charity of your choice. This is a great way to get started on the journey of a greener life style and a great motivator to continue on because firstly you get reward yet you able to donate to an charity and then in all this your being apart of something bigger purpose and becoming more apart of the green community. Also under the conversation button has great information about projects and areas they plan on preserving. What for me was especially interesting was the Mackenzie Valley section it gave me a chance to learn about a place i didn't know existed in Canada and it major important to our country ecosystem. Also in the Take Action section they have many ways for youth and adults to get involved something that caught my eye was the shore cleanup at that takes place in the month of September. This is something that i might be interested in taking apart of if I'm not to busy with school!
This site is truly a wealth of knowledge and has great ways in which we can reduce in our homes and also become apart of the community.Also if you have friends or children who like stuffed animals instead of going to Toys'R'Us get one at WWF for a birthday, Christmas present and in this way you treat more than one person.
These are also some links that I enjoyed looking into on the WWF United States site :
2. Climate Change - What you can do
4. Energy Star Website
Number 5 I'm so going to try it out soon and hopefully continue it because it such a cool creative idea!
6. Save the which includes general info on the animal, why its endanger and has a donation area and an petition for saving the tigers!
It would be interesting if Disney got involved in Save the considering many of there productions have tiger characters like Aladdin and Winnie the Pooh Series which they make tons of profits from merchandise. OK well that the end of my post I hope you found it interesting and informative and helpful.

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