Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living In: Alice in Wonderland Part 1

Alice is defiantly an interesting character and is a story that has survived many decades and still is a favorite for young and old. Recently, this year Tim Burton made an Alice in Wonderland which was a continuation from the first Alice in Wonderland that Disney did in two-dimensional animation many many years ago. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was live action. And I realized just this week for someone who enjoys the films I don't have the old 2D version nor the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland that came out this year. Thus this might ended up going on my Christmas wish for this year! I'd figured considering that many people love Alice in Wonderland they would be some interesting inspired stuff sold on etsy. Some of the things that were found were appeal, jewelry or for your house and here below here are some of the things I found:









I didn't go over broad with repetitive creations of Alice and I was going for things that weren't crazy crafty or weren't majorly a fad. All this items you can purchase on etsy and furthermore if you get tired of them once in awhile they are easy to store and come back to!

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