Friday, July 16, 2010

The Replay Tracks of the Month

This post will hopely become a monthly event in which I list my top 10 songs that I loved this month. But before I list my songs I'm going to tell you a bit about what types of music i usually like to listen to. Majority of the music I listen to are in the genre of rock (anything from oldies, classic rock, blues, heavy metal, black metal, glam rock, grunge new wave, punk, ska punk and pretty much anything else you can classify into the rock genres as sub genres) , also lovin folk music or folk inspired music got into this genre when I was 17 due to my love for banjo and guitars. Those are the main ones I also do like classical,opera, jazz and Cuban music. I can tell you at one point I was like the 3 year old who would only eat fries in the sense of music in which i would only listen to rock yet as I got older I expand my knowledge for music and have since earn to love more then one genre.

OK there are the top 10 track for this month:

1. Dirty Heads - "Lay Me Down" feat Rome from Sublime

2. Kings of Leon-"Notion"

3.Ben Taylor- " I Try"

4. Metros - "Last of the Lookers"

5. Against Me- " I was a Teenage Anarchist"

6. Hollerado- " Juliette"

7. Mumford & Sons " Little Lion Man"

8. Crash Kings- "Mountain Man"

9. Gaslight Anthem- "59 Sound"

10. Three Days Grace- " The Good Life"

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