Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stylin Christina Ricci

I always find it weird looking back at some of my childhood films for example Casper and seeing the young Christina Ricci. I think the main reason that it is weird is because her young self is capture into film to be forever preserved and its seems hard to realize that she too grew up as well as me. It strange to think that Christina Ricci is 30 and all grown up- it's amazing how fast time goes by. Christina Ricci has been a favourite actress for me from the time of Casper to present films that she takes part in. Some of my favorite films of hers are Mermaids (1990), Casper (1995), Now and Then (1995), That Darn Cat (1997), The Ice Storm (1997- favorite movie!!!), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Prozac Nation (2001), Pumpkin (2002), Miranda (2002), Cursed (2005), and Penelope (2006) .
I enjoy the fact that she has both a light , fun side to films and a more twisted dark or interesting side in some of her other films later on in her career. Two films that i loved that she made in the 2000s was Pumpkin in 2002 which was so different and unique and had some very interesting values also the other film i loved from the 2000s was Cursed in 2005. There are several reason why i loved Cursed but here are just a few :
(1) Wes Craven is the director amazing for plots
(2) Joshua Jackson and Christina Ricci are in the film
(3) Jesse Eisenberg is in the film and this is before fame and being a virgin in every one of his films

Such a cute dog and love the sweater with jeans!

Love Sleepy Hallows for the dark feel of the movie , the outfits and design. Plus always loved the cartoon Disney plays around Halloween of the Sleepy Hollow legend.

Like the edge-y style of the hair and make-up with pretty gray dress!

So let me know if you have any actors/actresses that you grew up watching and still love to watch today.

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